2010 Teacher Products (Action Plans for Learning)

The 2010 Summer Institute
Themes on Coca-Cola

Teacher-participants, listed alphabetically, with final teacher products (for details about the products, see items 1D (Directions) & IE (Rubric) on the 2010 S.I. Web Resources post):

Rebecca Barota – “Eco-friendly Bottling
Stephany Daniels – “Media Impact: Gender Roles of Women
David Divelbliss – “Changing Family Values: 1960 to 2010
Chelsie Fike – “Pop Culture in Art: The Most Influential of them All
Shannon Gagliardi – “The Obesity Crisis
Martin Gatti – “From 1960s Sociopolitical Unrest to 1970s Harmony
Sharon Geary – “Creating an Advertising Theme for Coca-Cola
Dominic Grenaldo –  “Food, Fun, & Fellowship: Ads in Social Situations
Michelle Hudock – “Analyzing Musical Elements of a Jingle
Bryan Maola – “Cokes Economic Impact
Jeanette Markle – “Effective Ads that Entice You to Drink Coke
Dawn Mattey – “Use of Comfort Foods in Depressions & Wars
Jerry Miller – “Marketing Obesity: Candy in a Bottle
Kenneth Musko – “Marketing and Designs of Coca-Cola Products
Teri Clay Musko – “Recycling to Save the Earth
Katie Pavelko – “Women in Advertising
Heather Persson – “Bottling: Environmental Impacts of Recycling
Denise Phillips – “Propaganda: A Look at Advertising
Mark Render – “Marketing Strategies
Brianna Rice – “Coca-Cola versus Big Brother
Ashley Smolenski – “Advertising Propaganda
Andrea Jackson Steinmiller – “Aspartame Good or Evil
Nicole Stephenson – “Looking Back: From Slavery to Civil Rights
Suzanne Turack – “Does Everything Go Better With Coke?

For questions, please email Nik Roberts (roberts_n@calu.edu) or Lynne Berdar (berdar@calu.edu).


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